Zara Fast Fashion Case Study Solution

Moreover, Zara always could provide new clothes with fashion every time.The success of Zara is driven by its competitive advantages of quick response over its rivals.Obviously, Zara’s fast fashion approach is quite different from other clothing retailers, which not only enables Zara to respond to the market demand with less time compared to its competitors, but also enhances Zara’s capacity to anticipate the customers’ trend.

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Using PDAs via modern could save much time and thus speed up the communication process to headquarters.

In addition, PDAs were also used for other tasks such as handling garment returns to DCs and transmitting information from headquarters to all stores.

For example, store managers could make tailored decisions on what garments would be on sale at their own stores and which items would be ordered, rather than relying on headquarters’ decision.

Their role is specifically designed to provide clothes only for a short period of time and follow the current trend.

Executed by computers at headquarters, to determine which cloth will sell in each location and in which quantity, headquarters just push these clothes to stores without input of managers.

Zara Fast Fashion Case Study Solution

By contrast, Zara’s store managers, almost have entirely discretion over which cloth to order and based on local tastes and instant demand.

Moreover, trust given to its employees throughout the company largely increases autonomy, which in turn contributes to the success of the company.

Employees have been given authority to specific decision making process; this allows staffs to work in teams which are more horizontal than hierarchical.

The company has grown nearly 550 stores around the world with almost half market in Spain and France.

Zara has developed a business model based on quick response, short deadline and a great choice of clothes at reasonable price.


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