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I did not see her right away and I was nervous but I kept yelling her name. I was so happy that I stopped freaking out at the door and remembered to go look outside for her.I will definitely make sure my door is closed tight from now on.”It is important that children experience activities and events that take thought and time in order to complete.It is important that children see adult pausing to think through the situation.

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Rather than put their energy into solving the problem, they may invest their time into avoiding the issue.

As anxious children become problem solvers, it tends to lower their anxiety in many situations. The goal is to teach children the needed skills to problem solve, allowing them to access their knowledge for any type of situation that arises.

As much as I dislike video games, many do provide opportunities to problem-solve.

Be aware of games that your child is playing and discuss what skills they used to complete a challenge or win the game.

We want children to see that it is normal to feel frustrated, angry, or disappointed when faced with a problem.

Similarly, we want children to see that mistakes happen, but can be overcome.You can access this free PDF printable in the freebie library.This simple outline of problem solving can be used for nearly every situation a child encounters.Parents should model their problem-solving skills for kids by sharing their thoughts as they work through a problem.This can be done in “real-time” as the problem is occurring or in a more structured time for “role-playing”.For children with anxiety, this is particularly important, as their anxiety, when not managed well, cuts out all problem-solving skill and goes immediately to avoidance or reassurance from adults.They need to routinely witness other people working through uncertainty and discomfort, yet coming out of the problem with success.Fortunately, there are several problem-solving activities for kids that teach children the skills needed for independence.Young children encounter problems when reaching for something high, finding a knot in their shoelace, or feeling confused when reading a new word.Solving the problem: These steps should be taught to all children and placed in a visible location in the classroom as a reminder.For many anxious children, these steps can be used during structured breaks to work through the anxiety caused by the problem.


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