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In the article "X: A Fabulous Child's Story," the author Lois Gould gives the readers a dilemma of how a child growing up in society will develop over time.

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To make it easier scientists wrote some kind of “instruction guide”, which may tell the family, how to deal with which kind of situation and with its help the Joneses deal with their problems really good.

But also if there is such assistance, the parents therefore have to be qualified as people who disregard roles and norms which are given in society.

The novel Speak , by Laurie Halse Anderson paints a vivid image on gender roles; in today's society. In the novel Speak characters play a critical role in helping the reader see the gender roles in the book. The characters that Anderson creates aids the reader to visualize the different gender roles, in our patriarchal society. Also the text displays the gender roles in society when Heather becomes a swimsuit model conforming to society'...

Gender roles and expectations have a place in modern therapeutic and counseling practices as a topic for discussion, because both men and women are socialized into stereotypical gendered behaviors and interests (Hyde, 1991). Gender roles, unlike gender itself, are socially constructed. The affects of gender roles on people greatly change the way the society runs. Traditional gender roles are beneficial to society. " (Gloria Steinem) Gender roles will continue from birth.

It is just human to try to label everything and it causes a lot of problems, if this is impossible, even if the “thing” where no label can be placed on is a baby.

Already the beginning of the story shows the first problem group – the parents.In Lois Gould's "X: A Fabulous Child's Tale," and Bernice Kanner's "Big Boys Don't Cry: Returning the Macho Message," each author's uses a legion of literary devices to identify the reader with the moral message he or she has dedicated their work's ambition to.Each author tells a different story, but the authors agree on a common theme: "that too much emphasis is placed on the roles of the sexes in today's society." As well as the fact that, there are certain expectations, and common physical and psychological stereotypes placed on each gender that misconstrue and distort the way that we as humans look at each other.In today’s world it is normal, that people feel uncomfortable and threatened by things they can`t place a label on.That’s why a gender-neutral baby would be confusing for nearly every instance, like the story of X by Lois Gould shows.In each essay, the authors separate their styles using varying literary inclinations such as structure, tone and perspective.In Lois Gould's article the author uses the structure of a fictitious story to create the proper mood and tone.Also if a child is educated gender-neutral from the first beginning, it has to deal with quite more problems than its peers.In Gould’s story “X” has to wear a gender neutral haircut and even gender neutral clothes, and although it’s still a child, “X” has to deal with the problem that parents of its friends don’t want them to play with “X”.Teachers and classmates have to deal with an all-new situation, one student is different from all other pupil.The school has to find solutions, for example which toilette should be used by “X” and what to play with X or even what to speak about with “X”.


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