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Although it is just a single sheet of paper and may seem relatively harmless a paper airplane could damage a person's eye or cause other painful injuries.To launch the plane select an area with few obstructions, either indoors or outdoors (unless it is very windy).It may range from about 4x6 inches to about 11x14 inches (lighter weight paper is more suitable for smaller sheet sizes).

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The original assignment was to write instructions for "how to make a paper airplane," but now that you've gone to the trouble of making one it might be useful to have some intructions regarding how to operate it.Fold up the tip of the point to hold the flaps in place.Steps eight and nine created two "flaps" which expose the tip of the point (which was created in steps three and four) through the notches created in step six.Rotate the page clockwise 90° so that the angled portion is to the right and the square end is to the left. This fold lifts just the top panel created in step 11 and folds it "in half" so that the angled upper edge of the panel is parallel to and even with the original center fold (now at the bottom of the page).Flip the page over, left to right so that the fold created in step 12 is down against the work surface and the angled edge is at the top and left and the square end (now possibly with the protuding tail of the wing created in step 12, depending upon the length-to-width proportions of the original sheet of paper) is to the right. This fold is a mirror image of the one just completed in step 12.Collins, who's known as "The Paper Airplane Guy," has written a new book offering instructions for folding not only his record-setting design, but stunt planes that do loops and flap their wings.Watch the video above and follow along as you create five of his favorite designs. Christine" The paper used must be rectangular in shape with straight, smooth edges and square (90°) corners. old was mad at me because I couldn't make paper airplanes like daddy. ;} Thanks for helping with the little things in life. The size of the paper is less important than the features already discussed. In order to provide the necessary stiffness and ease of folding the paper's weight should be at least 18 pound but not more than 28 pound paper.


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