Writing A Comparison Contrast Essay

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It’s required to choose materials that are not more than 5 years old, unless specified.

Sources should be credible, better scholarly, from scientific journals or websites.

It is easiest to first write a thesis along with the body and only then to proceed with conclusions and introduction.

Like with other essay types, writing a compare and contrast essay involves making sure that paper has the following recognizable sections/ elements: Introduction – this section would typically mention why we should bother comparing these entities, what the role of this comparison is in the greater scheme of things, or why a critical decision on this matter is important.

It is common knowledge that analytical writing develops thinking skills.

A true professional and any educated person must be capable of noticing distinctive and similar features of various entities, whether they relate to art, history, literature, exact sciences, etc.Language, as well as style of compare and contrast essay must be formal.Referencing is best way to prove facts, idea, data, or explain why you support this or that position.Following some intuitive steps while writing (like narrowing down the topic, researching, brainstorming, sketching an outline, writing a draft) but also a series of useful recommendations ensures a smooth procedure and improves outcomes.One option you can always employ for dealing with this paper or virtually any other writing task is contracting a professional essay writer online, that would take charge of the task with full responsibility/ full consideration for provided instructions.List traits allowing a meaningful comparison of the two entities as well as similarities/ differences along each of these traits (this is normally done in parallel).Use Venn diagrams for organizing these lists – draw two big intersecting circles and in the shared area, list similarities, while in remaining two sections – traits unique to each entity. By the end of this exercise, you are expected to notice prevalence of similarities or differences, to develop a position based on this, and to know what the article’s main message should be. A thesis typically emerges from researching topic and tends to convey an article’s message in a single comprehensive sentence.For instance, thesis might state that identified similarities are overwhelming when compared to differences.It could also state the opposite, or that these two entities are half similar and half dissimilar.Thesis – it makes an arguable statement summarizing writer’s position that is later supported throughout the essay.Main body – this section lists evidence supporting it with citations.


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