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A multiple Oscar winner, an awe-inspiring cinematic portrayal of Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace and his greatest accomplishments.

A multiple Oscar winner, an awe-inspiring cinematic portrayal of Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace and his greatest accomplishments.

He was well versed in rebellions having participated in quite a few whilst waiting to become monarch himself.

He was also a courageous participant in the Crusades, after which he was crowned at Westminster Abbey in 1274.

Murron's death was in many ways the catalyst for Wallace's rebellion against the English, whom he already deeply disliked.

Despite romantic attachments to Isabella and others, he never really managed to move past the grief that overtook him after her death.

People also see Wallace as a nasty person because he pillaged a village on the south of England, killed people mercilessly and done what king Edward and his army done in the process, some believe he was just as bad as Edward. The two sides to this debate both have a lot of evidence and they are all pieces of information that makes you think what is real or fake.

The 1995 movie, Brave Heart, is a cinematic master-piece.

Also, I’ve removed the whole “fag = cigarette” wordplay from the blog since it seemed to fly over too many peoples’ heads. It’s nice that people find this blog a fun read while others still clearly miss the point which is not to belittle the movie in any way.

However, I’m really getting tired of comments popping on this blog which I wrote ages ago, so I’m just doing this to stop it.

Longshanks was determined to bring Wales and Scotland under English rule in perpetuity, inflicting his rule on the Welsh with relative ease, but having slightly more difficulty with the Scots.

His official title was Robert I, but he is more colloquially known as Robert the Bruce, and he was King of Scotland from 1306 until his death in 1329.


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