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Boundary changes moved locality]This page contains all mineral locality references listed on If you know of more minerals from this site, please register so you can add to our database.This locality information is for reference purposes only.Gold from the Black Reef Formation of the Transvaal Supergroup was mined.

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(2016) HIV Drug Resistance Levels in Adults Failing First Line Antiretroviral Therapy in Urban and Rural Settings in South Africa. (2016) Reevaluating Cumulative HIV-1 viral load as a Prognostic Predictor: Predicting Opportunistic Infection Incidence and Mortality in a Ugandan cohort. DOI:10.1093/aje/kwv303Lawrie D, Payne H, Nieuwoudt M. (2015) Glencross DK Observed full blood count and lymphocyte subset values in a cohort of clinically healthy South African children from a semi-informal settlement in Cape Town. (2014) Polymerase chain reaction amplifying mycobacterial DNA from aspirates obtained by endoscopic ultrasound allows accurate diagnosis of mycobacterial disease Wlodzimirow KA, Eslami S, Abu-Hanna A, Nieuwoudt M, Chamuleau RAFM. Veldsman C, Kock M, Rossouw T, Nieuwoudt M, Maeurer M, Hoosen A, Ehlers M.

(2014) A systematic review on prognostic indicators of Acute Liver Failure and their predictive value for poor outcome. Du Plessis J, Roos L, Slavik T, Stivaktas PI, Nieuwoudt M, Vieira W, Pretorius E, van Wyk SG, Beukes M, Van der Merwe SW. Wlodzimirow K, Eslami S, Nieuwoudt M, Abu-Hanna A, Chamuleau R. (2009) Quantiferon-TB gold ELISA assay for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific antigens in blood specimens of HIV-positive patients in a high-burden country. Nieuwoudt M, Wiggett S, Sentle L, van der Merwe SW.

Artificial Cells, Blood substitutes, and Biotechnology 37:1-8.

Nieuwoudt M, Kunnike R, Smuts M, Becker J, Stegmann GF, Van der Walt C, Neser J, Van der Merwe S.

Extensive laboratory and clinical experience with research and diagnostic radio-isotopic studies and quality control. For data analysis and publication of the effect of regular blood donation on iron stores and their potential depletion in healthy SANBS donors. Mediators of Inflammation, Volume 2017, Article ID 6825493 https://doi.org/10.1155/2017/6825493Sempa JB, Ujeneza EL, Nieuwoudt M. Liver International, doi: 10.1111/j.1478-3231.2012.02790. Moodley Y, Linz B, Bond RP, Nieuwoudt M, Himla H, Schlebusch CM, Bernho S, Hale J, Suerbaum S, Mugisha L, van der Merwe SW, Achtman M.

(2017) Systematic review of statistically-derived models of immunological response in HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa. DOI:10.1371/0171658Rossouw TM, Nieuwoudt M, Manasa J, Malherbe G, Lessells RJ, Pillay S, Danaviah S, Mahasha P, van Dyk G, de Oliveira T. Sempa JB, Dushoff J, Daniels MJ, Castelnuovo B, Kiragga AN, Nieuwoudt M, Bellan SE. DOI: 10.7196/SAMJnew.7914Nieuwoudt M, Lameris R, Corcoran C, Rossouw TM , Slavik T, Du Plessis J, Omoshoro-Jones JAO, Stivaktas PI, Van der Merwe SW. (2012) Prediction of poor outcome in patients with acute liver failure - Systematic review of prediction models. doi:10.1371/0050952Wlodzimirow K, Eslami S, Abu-Hanna A, Nieuwoudt M, Chamuleau R. (2012) Age of the Association between Helicobacter pylori and Man, Plos Pathogens, 8(5): e1002693.

While working with smallholder farmers at the National Emergent Red Meat Producers’ Organisation (NERPO), she enrolled for the MSc in Tropical Veterinary Diseases degree in 2008, especially focusing on veterinary field services.

Her intention was to understand better how the delivery of veterinary services to smallholder farmers could be improved. Amongst a number of roles in the sector, she is currently the Chief Executive Officer of NERPO, Executive Director of the African Farmers’ Association of South Africa (AFASA), a member of the University of Pretoria’s Veterinary Faculty Advisory Board and Theme Leader of “Sustainable animal- and plant-based food production in a resource-constrained environment” in the Institute of Food Nutrition and Well –being (IFNu W).

“Bioengineering, Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Stellenbosch University”Nieuwoudt M (2009) Invited speaker on, ‘The state of the art in Liver support therapy’, at the congress of the Hepatobiliary Association of Southern Africa, in Johannesburg, South Africa, October 2009.

Nieuwoudt M (2007) Invited key note speaker on ‘Hepatocyte based liver therapy’, at the New Key Opinion Leader (n KOL) congress of the Transplantation Society, in Cape Town, South Africa, November 15-18, 2007van Rooyen R, Nieuwoudt M, Williams BG.


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