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His grand total of non-book publications (articles, columns, essays, book reviews, etc.) passed the 1,200-mark.Politically active, Tuck was associated with the liberal anti-Communist Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) since college days, when he served as vice-president of the Princeton chapter of Students for Democratic Action (ADA's campus affiliate).

All the time Tuck was submitting travel articles and this ushered in the second phase of his career, when travel writing dominated his output.

Affiliated with the Fodor Guides in a contributing capacity, Tuck served as a Regional Editor in Mexico between 1970-82 and as Area Editor for Romania between 1978-80.

Having written (mainly under the pseudonym of "Irving O'Malley") for publications like Tuck winces as he recalls titles like "Veracruz -- Steaming Port of Call (Girls)," "The Day They Smeared Hitler's Massacre Battalion," "How Many Hollywood Playboys are Gay Boys?

," and "I Am the Love Slave of a Voodoo Priestess." Whenever possible, Tuck turned his attention to the serious writing which was less lucrative, publishing articles in ) and several now defunct political and "little" magazines.

Following graduation from Princeton in 1951, Jim Tuck served as a radio correspondent with the First Marine Air Wing in Korea.

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After a brief and unsatisfying exposure to the Madison Avenue rat race, he made the Big Break in 1958 and ever since has been a self-employed freelance writer. From the late fifties till the beginning of the seventies -- due to economic necessity -- his main area of concentration was in the men's magazine and exposé field.

This will probably require some good, old-fashioned research.

Reading before and after a trip—history, biography, anthropology, literature, newspapers, magazines and/or other travel writing—will help shake off false assumptions and open windows in your creative mind.

At the time, Tuck was active in a defense committee that unsuccessfully attempted to reverse the dismissal of the "Tucson Two." Tuck's widow, the former María Ruiz, lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

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