Transferable Management Skills Essay

Transferable Management Skills Essay-50
Communication skills are necessary, especially patience, empathy and active listening.

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Comfort and care for patients is a key skill for nurses.

Interpersonal skills of all kinds are integral for the industry, especially empathy and patience.

Leadership is an important interpersonal skill that involves effective decision making.

Effective leaders incorporate many other interpersonal skills, like empathy and patience, to make decisions.

A worker’s “emotional intelligence” is how well they understand the needs and feelings of others.

Transferable Management Skills Essay

Employers may hire empathetic or compassionate employees to create a positive, high-functioning workplace.Interpersonal skills are behaviors and traits you rely on when communicating and building relationships with others.Often called “people skills,” they tend to incorporate both your innate personality traits and how you’ve learned to handle personal interaction in social situations.Leaderships skills can be used by both managers and individual contributors.In any role, employers value people who take ownership to reach common goals.Customer service requires a high level of people skills.Those employed in customer service spend most of their work hours engaged with customers who may be frustrated, confused, or angry.Administrative assistants need to be highly dependable, among other interpersonal skills.Administrative assistants also come in contact with customers or clients on a regular basis, making interpersonal skills a necessary function of the job.Interpersonal communication is the process of face-to-face exchange of thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions between two or more people.This includes both verbal and non-verbal elements of personal interaction.


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