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As Lord Brougham said, “Blessed is the man who has hobbies". The sight of the lovely garden is increasingly refreshing. Whenever I have a little leisure I sit down at a table with my precious stamp-books arranging new stamps in them and writing in the names of countries. I take my camera with me and snap interesting scenes.Each stamp has a story to tell me of distant lands and strange people. I have a number of valuable snapshots, some of them highly recreational. There hobbies make my leisure hours at once enjoyable and profitable.By learning and practicing each of these rules, you will feel more confident about your overall English knowledge and score higher on the TOEFL test.

You probably read a lot of rules about when to use “the,” but all of them can be reduced to one idea: We use the definite article when the things, people or places we are referring to are defined.

Have a look at the following list of situations when we use “the”: With people/things mentioned before, so it’s clear who/what you are referring to from the context.

To practice, try filling in the gaps with the right form of each verb given in parentheses.

(Answers are at the end of the post.)You can do more exercises to practice aspect online.

Have you been wondering what you can do to raise your TOEFL score?

There’s one element that will help you improve your performance in all four parts of the exam: grammar. Even if the TOEFL exam doesn’t test grammar directly, all the four parts (speaking, writing, reading and listening) indirectly evaluate your knowledge of grammar.Even if you don’t have to actively use grammar yourself, you still need to understand complex language as used by the speakers or as presented in the reading passages.To make your life easier, we prepared eight important rules for you to learn.Example: What does this mean for you in the TOEFL exam?Whenever you use a verb in speaking or in writing, you must decide what kind of action you want to express.In speaking and writing, you have to be able to produce language that is correct grammatically.Grammatical correctness is a criterion that raters use when scoring your speaking and writing.The definite article is used for things, people or places that are “defined” for the speakers.This means that the speakers know precisely what thing, person or place they are talking about.Grammatical correctness refers to using a wide range of grammar structures and using them accurately.In reading and listening, you need to understand the language used.


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