Thesis Statement For Terrorism Research Paper

In 1989, William Pierce wrote his novel in which he introduced the concept of a "Phineas Priest," or a lone wolf militant chosen and set apart by God to be his agent of vengeance upon the earth.

In 1992, former Ku Klux Klan leader Louis Beam published an essay in his magazine, , that provided a detailed outline for moving the white supremacist movement toward a leaderless resistance model.

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Domestic terrorism in the United States is a cyclical phenomenon.

There are discernable peaks in that cycle, like those we've discussed — and like the one the country is currently experiencing.

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While unrelated as far as timing and motive, when taken together they show that extremist ideologies subscribed to by certain individuals on the fringes of U. society continue to radicalize some to the point that they are willing to take violent action in accordance with those ideologies. First, we need to remember that terrorism is a tactic practiced by actors from a wide array of ethnic and religious backgrounds who follow various ideologies stretching from anarchism to neo-Nazism. Long before jihadism reared its head in the United States, anarchist Leon Czolgosz assassinated President William Mc Kinley, white supremacist James Earl Ray assassinated Martin Luther King Jr., and Posse Comitatus member Gordon Kahl killed three law enforcement officers in a multistate spree of violence.

Indeed, as we look at all of the recent attention being paid to lone assailants and small cells, it must be remembered that anti-government and white supremacist leaders in the United States embraced the leaderless resistance model of operations long before jihadist groups began to promote it.


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