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Thesis On Old Age-73
While the analysis in paper II is based on results from four focus groups of women aged 67 to 89 living in Oslo, Norway’s capital, the studies reported in paper III and IV are based on a national representative survey among 4723 people in Norway age 67 and older.The results from the qualitative and quantitative examinations can be summarized as follows: Opportunities for mobility, defined as the interplay between individual resources and abilities and contextual conditions for mobility, can to some extent explain variations in needs fulfilment.

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A mixed methods approach was used to explore potential explanations for needs fulfilment, as mediated through mobility and to explore how opportunities for mobility, mobility and needs fulfilment is shaped and mediated in old age.- Preferences are not invariant, they change and shift over time, in relation to both context and perceived level of resources that can be mobilized to enact certain behaviours.- Although constraints can account for most of the variations in needs fulfilment, in addition to preferences for out-of-home activity participation, age alone has a significant effect on the extent of outof-home activity participation, suggesting that some older people see withdrawal from social activity and participation as a natural part of ageing.Therefore, there is a need for knowledge on how to provide for independent travel and mobility in old age and on their associations with wellbeing.This thesis has three objectives: to develop a theoretical framework for understanding the link between wellbeing and mobility and to critically examine and position previous conceptualisations of wellbeing in research on mobility in later life within this framework; to develop potential explanations for variations in needs fulfilment and wellbeing, mediated through mobility, in old age; and to provide insights on how mobility in later life is shaped and mediated.0) //If no content i and content in citation_keywords, check for matches in citation_keywords if( (doc Type == "other"


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