Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis Essay

Using his power and control, he molds Janie into being the perfect mayor's wife by making her look a certain way and hold herself apart from others.As he builds his dream, he either doesn't notice or doesn't care that he is suppressing Janie's. Mah own mind had tuh be squeezed and crowded out tuh make room for yours in me.' Joe gets what he wants out of life, but after his death, rather than mourning, his wife of 20 years feels relieved.I had to give up the idea that Keats had a monopoly on the lyrical: She was stretched on her back beneath the pear tree soaking in the alto chant of the visiting bees, the gold of the sun and the panting breath of the breeze when the inaudible voice of it all came to her. Then Janie felt a pain remorseless sweet that left her limp and languid. The story of Janies progress through three marriages confronts the reader with the significant idea that the choice one makes between partners, between one man and another (or one woman and another) stretches beyond romance.

But in addition to racial inequality, Janie also faces gender inequality.

Nanny, Janie's grandmother, explains, 'Honey, de white man is de ruler of everything as fur as Ah been able tuh find out.

That part of Janie that is looking for someone (or something) that spoke for far horizon has its proud ancestors in Elizabeth Bennet, in Dorothea Brooke, in Jane Eyre, even-in a very debased form-in Emma Bovary.

Since the beginning of fiction concerning the love tribulations of women (which is to say, since the beginning of fiction), the romantic quest aspect of these fictions has been too often casually ridiculed: not long ago I sat down to dinner with an American woman who told me how disappointed she had been to finally read to please them.

I preferred my own freely chosen, heterogeneous reading list. I relaxed in my chair a little and laid down my pencil. Three hours later I was finished and crying a lot, for reasons that both were, and were not, to do with the tragic finale.

I flattered myself I ranged widely in my reading, never choosing books for genetic or sociocultural reasons. I lost many literary battles the day I read I had to concede that occasionally aphorisms have their power. Youse uh mite too previous for dat, Coker told him. Above all, I had to let go of my objection to the love tribulations of women.

Maybe it's some place way off in de ocean where de black man is in power, but we don't know nothin' but what we see.

So de white man throw down de load and tell de nigger man tuh pick it up.

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