Test Your Problem Solving Skills

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However, the most important factor of an interview is its one to one form of communication.

That is, in an interview, a candidate is usually seated directly across the employers and is asked questions about various things that he had claimed in his resume.

An eligible candidate should be one who can, Interviews are generally scheduled for gauging people with best skills and choosing best candidates.

So to assess candidates well, behavior type of questions need to be asked.

It is important to be straight forward and if needed even accept ones bad decisions and give a different way of going through with the problem if given a second chance.

Employers believe that people who are passionate about their job and if they go wrong somewhere, they have always the thought in mind that what they would do or could do if given another chance to rectify the mistake.

Your answer for this should revolve around not only your problem solving and analytical skills but the steps which you really took to reverse the problem.

The firsthand experience of problem-solving and dealing with stressful situations is much appreciated by any employer as it gives a candidate greater chances of bagging the job.

Since no man is perfect, there will be times when you will find yourself in a stressful situation caused by lack of attention or any other factor.

It is necessary to be honest in such situations, accept your mistake and do anything in your power to reverse it.


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