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Vincent enjoyed night time and he had the ability to paint the skies with numerous stars.

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The motivation occurred to him one sunrise while he was on the veranda going through a work on Van Gogh.

In addition, Van Gogh worked on his painting when he was experiencing one of his most trying times of his existence (Whitburn 166).

The book explores many things such as social and religious conditions of that particular period, the class structure, the haughtiness of the then existing Duke and Duchess and finally the class distinctions prevailing in the society.

Throwing light on all of these aspects, the book also has its eminent creativity and grandeur for which it is highly acclaimed of.

The motivation occurred to him one sunrise while he was on the veranda going through a work on Gogh.

Mc Lean discovered that a song about the artist could be composed out of Starry Night, the painting.The composer’s lyrics highlight his life situations.The lyrics of the song highlight how the writer comprehends what the difficulties of an artist are like.[Your full August 4, Don Quixote versus Oedipus Don Quixote has appeared to be a true heroic figure for people, who see him as someone who fights against evil for the cause of dignified goals, and whose struggle finally makes him meet death with brevity.He is considered as a powerful, heroic idealist trampled down by the credence of reality, and his death is a tragic ending of his valiant life.In addition, the lyrics, “They would not listen, they did not know how” signifies the family and a number of people who were significant of Van Gogh’s compassion to those presumed to be miserable (Whitburn 166).Finally, the line, “How you suffered for your sanity” symbolizes the schizophrenic condition which Van Gogh experienced.He asserts that the society does not know the reasons that make artists write or paint. The writer of the song has come across the paintings of Vincent and has comprehended what Vincent was attempting to illustrate.The writer is attempting to communicate to the listeners that no individual would pay attention to what Vincent was attempting to say, and that individuals did not appreciate the correct meaning of the paintings because they perceived him as peculiar.I think that I will not be wrong if we call Starry Night of Van Gogh the most popular canvas. The writer says about this work surprisingly small.In letters to his brother Vincent often exhaustively discussed some canvas, however, the Starry Night, he mentioned only twice (in letters 595 and 607).......?


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