Television Violence And Essay

Because children are still developing in their teenage years, seeing certain things such as inappropriate music, movies, television shows, etc. Nielsen Co., approximately 99% of Americans own at least one television in their household.

can affect their psychological development and views in the world. This shows just how accessible tv is and how common it is for people to be watching it.

And it is really so, although being unacceptable as for an average person.

But if people really want to , why they complain about them? People hate admitting that something bad happens due to their own fault.

Other experiments have shown that exposure to media violence can increase aggressive thinking, aggressive emotions, and tolerance for aggression, all known risk factors for later aggressive and violent behavior.

With the children being so young and naive, they had no clue how great of an impact the violent movie had on their actions and aggression.Allowing violence in the media to take over our children’s mindsets can only lead to even more violence and aggression, which this cartoon shows.It’s also shown above how the child is saying “Kill them! ” With a huge smile on his face which shows he’s condoning the people who are being killed.A new study in the Journal of Pediatrics says the average eight year old child spends eight hours a day on media, and teens more than 11 hours of media a day.This is more than a full day of school, which means the youth are being exposed the media and the inappropriate things it contains For example, they see things from funny memes to violent beatings and fights.They always strive to raise as much cash as it is possible, which can’t be so without attention drawn to their product and enough response.Thus, we can conclude that the tendency of showing cruelty and violence on TV screens is in demand.They would rather blame everybody else than admit that it is them who created this trend and continue to pour oil on flames by constantly discussing this problem.For marketing purposes this situation is ideal, as no specific advertising is needed.I feel as though teens would be able to relate to this paper the most simply because we are living in the generation where media is booming.Unconsciously and unknowingly, people’s behavior and aggression towards violence are influenced by the media.


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