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After-sale support is important because any productis likely to require assistance for its users regardless of how well designedit is.Both Novell and Microsoft have a variety of support programsavailable, including 24-hour telephone support as well as support through Internet sources.Arelated issue is the networking infrastructure, which includes the easeof use of the network transfer protocols and how well the server softwareprocesses multiple LAN adapters and internal routing.

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Applicationservices, which includes the ability to run messaging, database, and otherserver-based applications efficiently in a client/server network is anessential requirement of most modern networks.

Multiprocessor supportis an essential component, as is fault tolerance, high-quality developmenttools, and application support from third-party vendors.

Technology Paper Introduction When mainframe and minicomputers providedthe backbone of business computing, there were essentially networked environmentsin the sense that “dumb” terminals shared access to a single processor(the minicomputer or mainframe), printer (or printers) and other peripheraldevices.

Files could be shared among users because they were storedon the same machine.

Ideally,the network operating system is transparent to the user, who is only awareof the ability to share information and resources.

An efficient NOScan make the difference between a productive and an unproductive office,and between workers who are difficult to replace when they leave and thosewho are likely to be familiar with the NOS of choice.

Remote-access and Internet-access is also important sincemany users in networked environments use the network to access systemsoutside their own environments.

Other criteria to be considered when choosinga NOS system is the after-sale support and the acceptance of the productin the market.

Today, network systems which connect disparate hardware,software and peripherals are commonplace, but the communication programwhich makes using these systems has not kept up with the demand for suchenvironments, although a number of companies are now participating in thefield.

This research considers two of the most popular network operatingsystems (NOS), Net Ware by Novell and Windows NT by Microsoft, and considerswhich is appropriate for business applications.


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