Technology During World War 2 Essay

Technology During World War 2 Essay-41
New technology appeared for the first time, such as radar and atomic bomb, combined with significant innovations in aircraft industry were necessary to maintain the competitive strength over the enemies and played an important role to the complexion of the war.

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The stealth and speed of German submarines gave Germany a considerable advantage in its dominance of the North Sea.

Although airplanes were technologically crude, they offered a psychological advantage.

Richard Kern HIST 1302 TECHNOLOGY AND WORLD WAR II World War II could be considered as the biggest armed race ever in the human history.

The belligerents mobilized a huge amount of resources such as finance and labor to research new advanced weapons with more anti-personnel effect, and to increase productive output.

In addition, on December 7, 1941, the surprising attack of Japanese air force on the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor defeated most of the fleet only in few hours and caused terrible damage of human life and property.

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American then developed a new generation of aircraft that could bomb from a much higher altitude and more precisely, such as P-51 Mustang, B-17 “Flying Fortress” and huge craft B-29 which carried a mission to deliver atomic bomb to Japan or even anywhere else in the world.

So horrified were people by chemical warfare that the use of poison gases was banned for future wars, although not until 1925.

When Germany's plan for a swift military victory went unrealized, the pace of war bogged down.

It was classified into detection and fire control types.

Detection radar was used to warn of the enemies’ ships and aircrafts approaching.


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