Teacher Recommendation Letter For College Common Application

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Want an admissions expert to help you get Accepted?

Want an admissions expert to help you get Accepted?

A good teacher recommendation will focus on these ideas (perhaps including how you overcame any challenges). Academics are the most important but if the teacher has also worked with you in a club or extracurricular capacity, this can add additional insight. Caution: the best teacher recommendations do not reiterate information found in other parts of your application.

As an admissions person, this was the most frustrating part for me.

I really wanted new insight and anecdotes to help me understand the applicant, not a list of clubs and organizations.

It’s tempting for a lot of teachers to summarize your activities in their letter, but you’ve already included that information in your application. Teachers upload recommendations directly into the common application.

Do you still have copies of papers or exams that you can provide?

The best teacher recommendations aren’t always from the class in which you earned the highest grade. The purpose of the teacher recommendation is to clarify your academic contributions and learning style.Teacher recommendations are an important part of your college application at many colleges, with most colleges requiring one or two letters in support of your application.These recommendations provide additional insight into your personality, intellectual curiosity, and potential impact on your college community.College admissions offices are looking for particular things in a student’s letters of recommendation.Read below for advice on how to write a strong letter of recommendation for a student plus review sample recommendation letters for college.11th grade teachers, and teachers who have taught you in multiple years are often the best candidates for a teacher recommendation. Some colleges do have specific requirements regarding recommendations from specific teachers, for example math or science for Engineering applicants, or art for art applicants. In general, it’s preferable to ask teachers from two different disciplines to write your recommendations. Give your teachers as much time as possible to complete your recommendations.Some teachers devote a great deal of time to each letter and popular junior year teachers may write several dozen recommendations each fall. When discussing recommendations with your teacher, either in person or via email, share with your teacher your reasons for asking him or her. Remind your teacher about some of your most memorable work in the class.Dear XYZ College Admissions Committee, I have known Beth Crawley for the past two years, having served as both her English teacher and her supervisor on the ABC High School newspaper.I believe Beth would be an excellent addition to XYZ College.At Accepted, we offer resources and services to help make writing letters of recommendation easier.Contact us and we would be delighted to aid in the process.


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