Target Corporation Case Study

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By analyzing the financial statements and exhibits of each project, I was able to determine the positives and negatives of each of these alternatives.

The alternatives were Gopher Place, Whalen Court, The Barn, Goldie’s Square, or Stadium Remodel.

The 1st and 5th year sales equivalents would be over $52 and $69 million respectively.

Compare this to the other projects and they are 10’s of millions more.

The recommendation provided for Target Corporation is choosing the Stadium Remodel project.

There were three main factors used for choosing this project.Our research and intelligence services are available on-demand for competitive intelligence, business intelligence, marketing intelligence and any other intelligence you’re seeking!All our reports are current, complete and formatted for easy viewing and understanding.There are two main reasons that these figures cannot be trusted independently.The first is that a high percentage of the sales figures are at the expense of our own stores.However, a quick analysis of its projected cash flows proves that it is indeed worth the hassle.Target Corporation Patrick Cunningham M03619570 Professor John Phelps, Ph. February 6, 2014 Executive Summary: This case study analyzed five different projects Target Corporation had to decide on capital spent for which project created the most value and the most growth for the company and its shareholders.First, its low The positives of this project are that it has the highest NPV, highest total R&P sales, highest population, and highest percent of adults with four plus years of college.First, Whalen Court not only has the highest NPV but they have the greatest opportunity.The Stadium Remodel – Ranked 3rd The initial perception of remodeling the Stadium location is that is not a worthwhile investment.This store has already been remodeled twice since its opening, and sales still have reportedly been slumping.


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