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Do I just use the contact option at the bottom of the site? Steve It would have been better if you had looked at the Edelweiss website before confirming your booking, not a third party one which is often inaccurate, but even Seatguru tells you they charge a fee for seat selection in economy.Edelweiss site tells you that you will be allocated a seat automatically.

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| Extremely narrow seat on the Boeing 777-300ER even for a slim Asian person, my body had to stay in one position for 12 hours.

Nice legroom for emergency row, but can't say the same for regular seats.

I like that there were no controls or buttons in the armrest - everything was in the screen, very very nice. But Swiss global airlines does not operate on more than 1h 30min flights with the CS 100.

Perhaps that's the way they manage to squeeze out some additional inches in the width? They are around 26% larger than the 737-800 windows.

After completing the reservation with Aeroplan, I navigated to the SWISS website to reserve a seat.

To my surprise, when I pulled up the seat map I saw this: Yellow with star is premium and white is not." Does the fact the flight is branded SWISS and SWISS say I can choose my seat during online check in give me any grounds for arguing for a free seat selection?I really thought any non-budget airline would let me do this for free." The ticket is SWISS but the flight is still "branded" (operated by) Edelweiss. If you get buy a ticket from American with segments operated by British Airways, you can select seats on the American flights, but not the BA segment without paying BA or having frequent flyer status.Many non-budget airlines now charge for seat selection. BA even charges for seat selection for Business Class, but not First Class.Heidi was traveling with Augustine and I wanted to reserve her a “throne” seat that would give her a bit of room and more privacy.| Comfortable, if a little narrow seats that lie completely flat and are quite comfortable. I noticed, and crew confirmed, that so front parts of cabin at extremely noisy.They are fairly modern, with good recline/massage controls. USB and power is supplied (albeit difficult to find), with plenty of storage space. Therefore I walked in the cabins, and could observe and area, just at the beginning of the wing, after the front part of the engines that was suprisingly silent. IFE becomes useless for a 6ft passenger when the seat in front is reclined because your screen becomes illegible due to the old monitor's available viewing angle.The aisles are so narrow you have to almost walkside facing if you do not want to hit the passengers seated. When I complained that the seating map does not correspond to the reality in the cabin a crew member simply told me that they couldn't help me. The airline is not to compare with the Swissair of old. ✅ Verified Review | Worst economy long haul seat I have ever experienced.Return too late to reserve the bulk head so took the 23D at €50 extra - two guys in front were so inconsiderate, regardless of the extra leg room they had in front they reclined their seats to a maximum. They just offered me to unload my suitcase so that I could stay in Zurich if I didn't want to accept the situation. It's great that economy seats recline but the recline on these seats is so much that when the person in front of you reclines you have almost no space between the screen in front of you and your face.From the FAQ page that you linked to there is this: "Can I reserve a seat on an Edelweiss flight with a SWISS flight number?For Seat Reservation, please refer to the Edelweiss website." Which is referring to this page: https:/…No free seat selection is mentioned there so I guess you will either need to pay or be happy with what you get.


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