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Invitational theories have proved to be effective; for instance, assisting in communication, scholars aim at developing models for co-operative and ethical communication.Therefore, the main difference between traditional rhetoric theories and invitational rhetoric is that traditional rhetoric theories are gender biased, compared to invitational rhetoric, which is grounded on equality and value. “Beyond Persuasion: A Proposal For an Invitational Rhetoric.” This essay on A proposal for an invitational rhetoric was written and submitted by user Alfonso Fletcher to help you with your own studies.In addition, the invitational theory aims at expanding communication options.

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Another critique is the argument that invitational theory can be applicable in all situations; however, it is important to embrace different perspectives of other individuals, whereby individuals have the right to reject certain views if they are considered unacceptable.

The authors create confusion when they indicate that invitational rhetoric is optional, while at the same time, they insist that it should be used in all situations.

You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

[This article has been translated into French by @Cornwall Boar ]When I first watched Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure in 2012, I wasn’t out yet.

As a result, invitational rhetoric theory can be described as a communication interaction between individuals with an aim of sharing perspectives through dialogue.

Invitational rhetoric theory is clearly based on communicative options and the external conditions which comprise value, and safety of a rhetor (Foss and Griffin 13).

Foss and Griffin argue that invitational rhetoric theory is mainly derived from a feminist point of view.

However, they insist that feminists are not the only ones who have developed the theory’s rules (5).

As a result, it ignores other factors related to communication.

Despite the numerous critiques facing Foss and Griffin’s work, they have utilized the research of male scholars.


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