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You can even walk around the room and the band stays suspended in midair above your “magic wand” — well, OK, above the charged pipe, anyway.The word “static” means stationary, little or no change, or not moving, e.g.He uses it to teach “electrostatic propulsion and the repulsion of like charge” to his very lucky students.

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A variable is something that might change the outcome.

Consider some of the variable options you might test and write up for a science fair project.

The band floats above the pipe because the increased negative charge in both objects causes them to repel each other.

If you really want to impress someone, just tell them that it’s a demonstration of “electrostatic propulsion and the repulsion of like charge.” Wow – that should do it.

Unsure what kind of 'benefits' you are speaking of when you describe them as "va" benefits.

Are you speaking of Veteran's benefits or benefits from the state…A Floating Static Band is a pretty cool activity but it’s not a science fair project.You create a science fair project by identifying and testing variables.These benefits can also include aspects such as a feeling of belonging, a sense of…By doing this research, you could end up in the company of people like Ben Franklin, James Watt, Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla.With a gentle flick, toss the band straight up into the air.Then, immediately position the pipe underneath the band at the height of the band’s rise to cause the band to mysteriously float in the air.With that little bit of information, you can probably explain what you saw happening to the band.Rubbing the fur against the band as well as the PVC pipe transfers a negative charge to both objects.Securely tape the wooden dowel (or pencil) to an end of the PVC pipe.The pencil should extend beyond the pipe by about 5″ (127 mm).


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