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A clearance from the local police department is also required for operating a fitness center in India.

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Once completed, your business plan will be a roadmap to your success, to keep you informed when you’re making big decisions, and to persuade potential partners or investors to join you on your journey.

The latter group is crucial as Score, an entrepreneur mentoring enterprise, explains: in order to raise the capital you need for your gym to grow, “individuals or banks want a realistic forecast for when they will be reaping on their capital” to confidently invest in your gym. Because they are all equally relevant to your future as a gym owner.

Once the Entrepreneur has decided on a business format and business model, the process for obtaining business registrations can commence.

It is recommended that fitness centers be setup as a Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership to ensure transferability and limited liability protection features are available for the promoters.

Opening a fitness center requires careful planning and research, and in this article we look at the process for starting a gym or fitness center in India along.

A business plan for starting a gym or fitness center is also attached with this article.Once the business registration is completed, tax registration must be obtained for the fitness center in the name of the business.The services provided by a fitness center will attract service tax.Once, the business format is decided, a location for the fitness center must be decided.While choosing a location for the fitness center, it is important to keep in mind the following: The business model for the gym or fitness center must be decided by the Entrepreneur with careful research and proper planning.Transferability will ensure the fitness center can be easily sold and transferred to another promoter if the need arises.Limited liability protection will limit the personal liability of the promoters from any unforeseen liability created in the fitness center.Maintaining that work/life balance is one of the greatest challenges of starting any business; you’ll probably need extra working hours to become fully operational.Remember, though, that money and time won’t be enough to pass ‘Go’ if you don’t have good people skills, a savvy head for marketing and sales, or the ability to manage your finances (unless you have extra cash to splash out on skilled people ...).The procedure for obtaining Police Department clearance for operating a fitness center varies form state to state.The following is a sample business plan for setting up a fitness center in India.


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