South Africa My Land Essay

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They will not be from the same church as me and may not understand my religion.

This will cause me lots of problems.”I have pigs, cows and goats that I farm on this land. I will never allow the mining to come and change the way I live. It is for the Pondo people.”When the mining happens this forest won’t be healthy any more.

The seawater is sacred to us, it helps us to stay healthy and to sleep well.

This is our culture and we don’t want the mine to come and take it away.”This land has lots of different natural medicine.

I get herbs for my medicine from the land around my home. My ancestors are buried here and I need to protect them from the mining.”The wood that we collect here is very important to my family.

Parafin and gas stoves are dangerous for our health. We cannot live without it – hands off our land.”If the mine comes I will have to move, otherwise I am just waiting to die.The mine will dry out the land and it will kill off the plants that we use.This community is very safe but if the mine comes it will bring crime because many people will move here to try to find work.”Maize is our main source of food, we cannot survive without it.I will have to move away from the land of my ancestors who are buried here.I don’t want the mine to come and take away my land and my history.”We get our food from the sea, it is how we live and how I feed my family.The people of Xolobeni are mostly self-sufficient, living off the land and fishing in the sea, and often only travelling the two hours to the closest shops once a month to buy sugar, oil and other basic provisions.The Xolobeni community has been fighting proposed titanium dune mining for nearly 20 years.They are requesting that the court rules that no licence to mine the area can be granted without the community’s consent.I was born and grew up here, I have nowhere else to live.We have balance now but the water will be gone and there will be nothing to feed the trees.”The best life I have is connected to this Pondo land.You can’t have a good life if you are only concerned with money.


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