Solving Population Growth Problems

Solving Population Growth Problems-6
Remember on the first day of class, I asked you to list three important global environmental problems.Here are the results of those surveys: How many of these problems are the direct or indirect result of overpopulation?Students (especially those in introductory classes) may have a difficult time understanding why predictions of population growth are difficult to make and constantly debated.

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We can also see that the population plodded along at relatively low levels for thousands of years before it really began to climb.Would we have such a problem with the top three -- pollution, global warming and habitat -- if world population was not so large?Other than some of the natural disasters (and even those are arguable), most of these other environmental problems are due to overpopulation.Developed countries, in general, have and use more of the Earth's resources. generated 27.5% of the world's total CO emissions; more than five times that of India (5% of the world's total), a country with 4-5 times the population of tht U. In fact, the way of life in the United States, on average, requires approximately 5 times the resources available on Earth today (Earthday Network).Population growth in developed countries puts a greater strain on global resources and the environment than growth in less developed nations. To emphasize the disparate effects of population and lifestyle in developed vs.This printer-friendly version should be used only to review, as it does not contain any of the interactive material, and only a skeletal version of problems solved in the module.Resource Use | Exponential Growth | Prediction | Distribution | Examples & Exercises There are 5 main concepts that our students struggle with when learning about population growth and the relationship of population to geological resource use: Students do not understand that overpopulation is the cause of many other environmental problems.The characterization of overpopulation as the cause of many environmental problems may be an oversimplification.Consumption of natural resources also plays an important role in straining the environment.Undeveloped countries with large (and growing) populations also put a strain on the local environment and the limited resources that they have.Countries that struggle to meet growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel can alter the fragile ecosystems in their area, putting a great strain on the limited resources that they have to draw from (


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