Solving Momentum Problems

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“You can make a huge difference with some of this gear,” Margolick said, speaking of 3-D printers creating plastic equipment.“We just need to bring more of a critical eye and a little bit of technical know-how.” At the end of the course, along with the new skills learned, students were able to take home their self-made gear and technology for their friends, family and fellow Marines to examine.

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The students receive a brief overview and challenges in welding fundamentals, computer programing and coding, which helps them build controllable robots, and 3-D printing objects to help solve problems. from Tampa, Florida, and Marine partners, won with a weight-bearing capacity of 590 lbs.

One test had the students design and 3-D print an arm-length model bridge to hold as much weight as possible. “We are learning how to do new ‘out of our realm’ techniques,” explained Terrazas Jr., a ground equipment technician with 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

“It is not too difficult to become a good problem solver, but a Ph. engineer will not know the difficulties of being an infantryman,” he explained further.

Marines attending had to put their knowledge to the test during their culminating event.

This means that you end up with a change in momentum of 2*m*v because the velocity completely changes direction.

Case B is a little bit more complicated because it’s not only in the horizontal direction, it also has velocity in the vertical direction.

– Analyzing the change in momentum equation and how it’s used to determine the difference between A and B: If we remember, the change in momentum would be the final momentum minus the initial momentum.

Starting with case A, you actually only have velocity and momentum in the horizontal direction.

It’s tempting with these types of problems to want to analyze it based on your intuition, but it always helps to go back through, look at the principles and assumptions involved, and actually put together the equations for yourself even if it’s just symbolically.

By putting together the equations you understand the phenomenon better and you’re able to make a determination based on the numbers and not only based on your gut.


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