Solving Math Word Problems And Setting Up Equations

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Many problems lend themselves to being solved with systems of linear equations.

In "real life", these problems can be incredibly complex.

If you’re not used to translating English words and descriptions into mathematical equations, then SAT word problems might be difficult to wrap your head around at first.

Look at the chart we gave you above so you can learn how to translate keywords into their math equivalents.

First, the pizza is divided in half (not drawn to scale): We now have two equal-sized pieces. The problem then says that we divide each half into three equal pieces (again, not drawn to scale): This gives us a total of six equal-sized pieces.

Since we know the total weight of the pizza is 48 ounces, all we have to do is divide by 6 (the number of pieces) to get the weight (in ounces) per piece of pizza: 48 / 6 = 8 ounces per piece The correct answer choice is (C) 8.We know that we're dealing with a circle since our focus is a pizza. Because we'll need to solve the weight of each slice in ounces, let's first convert the total weight of our pizza from pounds into ounces.We're given the conversion (1 pound = 16 ounces), so all we have to do is multiply our 3-pound pizza by 16 to get our answer: 3 * 16 = 48 ounces (for whole pizza) Now, let's draw a picture.You might also get a geometry problem as a word problem, which might or might not be set up with a scenario, too.Geometry questions will be presented as word problems typically because the test makers felt the problem would be too easy to solve had you been given a diagram, or because the problem would be impossible to show with a diagram.This is why there are so many different types of word problems and why you’ll need to know the ins and outs of every SAT Math topic in order to be able to solve a word problem about it. We know that both Ken and Paul also paid a 20% tip on their bills.As a result, we have to multiply the total cost of one bill by 0.2, and then add this tip to the bill.Though the actual math topics can vary, SAT word problems share a few commonalities, and we’re here to walk you through how to best solve provided with an equation, diagram, or graph on a word problem and must instead use your reading skills to translate the words of the question into a workable math problem. Secondly, these types of questions allow test makers to ask questions that'd be impossible to ask with just a diagram or an equation.Whether your problem is a geometry problem or an algebra problem, sometimes making a quick sketch of the scene can help you understand what exactly you're working with.For instance, let's look at how a picture can help you solve a word problem about a circle (specifically, a pizza): If you often have trouble visualizing problems such as these, draw it out.


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