Six Kinds Of Essay And Description

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Henri Fayol, the French industrialist, through his pioneering work on ‘General and Industrial Management’ explained that satisfactory results can be achieved with scientific forecasting and proper methods of management.Fayol at the outset, classified business operation of an organization into six activities and then outlined fourteen principles of management.This system requires workers to perform at some pre decided standard rate to earn their base wages. If workers are able to produce more, then in addition to their base rate, they get incentives on the number of excess units produced over and above the standard units.

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Piece rate incentive system rewards the worker who produces the maximum output.

Existence of such incentive system obviously will motivate workers to work more to maximize their earnings.

Lillian Gilberth, on the other hand, conducted research on motion studies.

Both of them explored the ways of reducing the fatigue.

A simple modification of brick laying approach, following Gilberth’s approach, helped to increase hourly output from 120 to 350 bricks.

Six Kinds Of Essay And Description

Henry Laurence Gantt also worked as a close associate of F. Taylor at Midvale and subsequently at Bethlehem Steel.

In fact, time and motion study concepts were developed by F. Taylor in association with Frank and Lillian Gilberth.

Like Taylor, Frank Gilberth is known as the father of motion study.

Members in an organization must receive instructions from only one person.

Conflict will arise when one receives orders and instructions from multiple bosses.


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