Short Easy Essay On Corruption

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Preferably, corruption flourishes in situations involving high technology (no one understands the real quality and value of products), or in situtions that are chaotic.

Think of civil war: who is responsible and who is the rebel?

Petrus van Duyne: Corruption is an improbity or decay in the decision-making process in which a decision-maker consents to deviate or demands deviation from the criterion which should rule his or her decision-making, in exchange for a reward or for the promise or expectation of a reward, while these motives influencing his or her decision-making cannot be part of the justification of the decision.

Major corruption comes close whenever major events involving large sums of money, multiple ‘players’, or huge quantities of products (think of food and pharmaceuticals) often in disaster situations, are at stake.

Both parties in exchange of power for privileges want to keep their transaction secret. All those cases may be considered to be abuse of power and authority for one’s own benefit.

That makes it so difficult to establish how wide and deep corruption penetrated our economy and social life. Complainers forget that necessarily there should also be payers who benefit from that abuse of power and authority.Would they denounce someone bribing an official or politician? They do not only blame politicians and public officials for willingly accepting bribes.They also often allege that those having authority in our society ask to be bribed or give us the opportunity to bribe.Major corruption thrives on a broad base of small corruption-payments or bribes. Worldwide complaints are heard about politicians and public officials who accept bribes and enrich themselves privately at the expense of the common citizen.————————————————————————————————————————– 120625, Characteristics of corruption? Characteristics of Corruption Discussion of corruption is extremely difficult as it is a hidden phenomenon in our societies. This may be at the expense of the employee and the employer; consumer and producer; renter and tenant; the one applying for a permit to do something, or asking exemption from an obligation to pay or to deliver a product or a service.Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, droughts. The global community reacts quickly but local government might be disorganised and disoriented. Or maybe the purchase of a technologically far advanced aircraft, while only a few can understand the technologies implied in development and production of such a plane.Mostly , the sums of money involved are huge, a relatively small amount of corrupt payment is difficult to attract attention.Moreover, what for some is no more than ‘a friendly turn’ is for others ‘misbehaviour’. The other side of the coin shows payers assuming that their ‘gift’ to a politician or a public official, may in return deliver profitable preferential treatment or delivery.What in one place can be friendliness is unacceptable elsewhere. Please note that repeatedly is stressed the behaviour by public officials politicians. Anyone who wants to fight corruption and safeguard integrity in governance should not only prevent politicians and public officials from unlawfully accepting gifts, but should also fight the ‘high and mighty’ that abuse their power and authority to give privileges such as land rights, permits, diplomas, allowances, money, against a reward.Therefore, the reputation that a public official or politician enjoys, is of great significance.Some will never be approached with a ‘proposition’, as the potential extortionists or bribers do know that they (those public officials or politicians) are not open to such practices.


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