Self Publishing Business Plan

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If I was going to self-publish, I was going to kick ass at it.

I was going to create my own new genre, and I was going to succeed at it.

I gave myself a year to learn everything I needed to know about self-publishing. When I went to get a cover design, I did searches for “book cover designers” on Google.

But when it came to thinking about marketing, about 6 months out from the release day I’d picked, I knew I’d need to come up with a well-coordinated plan, and put it into play. Now, we’re all working from limited budgets, but I specifically set aside funds for my cover (and interior) design, and also for my editing.

I followed other silent movie folks, and would retweet their interesting content, gorgeous old architectural pictures, funny memes, etc. Figure out what works best for you as far as gaining followers and attention and retweets and keep doing it.

Make it easy for people to find you and recognize you on social media.

By using a distributor like Ingram or Baker and Taylor, any bookstore that uses this distributor can order books. There’s a setup fee, and I don’t make much money from these sales (because I have to offer them at such a huge discount), but the cache of being seen in a bookstore legitimizes my books.

Customers have seen them on a shelf or table and don’t necessarily know I’m self-published, so there isn’t that stigma that often goes along with it. They have a marketplace for film-related memorabilia—antique movie posters, magazines, buttons, etc.

deals with old Hollywood (specifically the silent early Hollywood years from about 1916 through 1920) and also with Broadway in the Ziegfeld years (approximately 1914-1917), I decided to brainstorm my market.

These novels are a way for fans to lose themselves in a fully immersive story about old Broadway or early Hollywood.


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