Satire Essay On Poverty

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“Some of the homeless people were so excited when it was field tested, they fainted! “The only negative moment of their day must have been when they were loaded onto an ambulance now funded by national health care, but let’s restrain ourselves from trying to solve all of their problems in one day.” Despite these attempts to aid the poor, the general consensus is that poverty should remain at an arm’s length, for the sake of both comfort and safety.

“Think of the homeless man’s unkempt facial hair,” Mann said.

“I feel like I know exactly how he must feel, like I can really relate to him,” Wellthee said.

“He has to beg for money to survive, I have to beg my parents for money to buy Coach purses.” To aid the newly discovered problem of homelessness, some have proposed to siphon off half of the oxygen from the streets that the homeless live in and give it to corporations, proven job creators, to fight unemployment and aid the poor’s job outlook.

Swift capitalizes in his arguments by hooking a targeted audience with expert use of logic, tragedy, and character.

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In “A Modest Proposal” Swift uses exaggerated rhetoric and irony to emphasize his disdain for the troubles facing Ireland throughout the turn of the 17th century.

“You hear a lot about the protests in Wall Street against the top 1% of America.” Yunair said. Most Americans feel grossly under-represented, and so do we. Why don’t we have a protest of the top 99% against the bottom 1% of society?

” Most students, overall, say that while the appearance of poverty disturbed them, they do not expect to change much of anything.

He accomplishes such criticism through satire, specifically Juvenalian satire....

[tags: A Modest Proposal] - Jonathan Swift is the king of satire known for his seemingly unorthodox works throughout the early 18th century.


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