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If you are interested in the work of a specific potential supervisor, and especially if you have already discussed your proposed project with this person, be sure to make reference to this in your proposal.A solid psychology education should lead to all kinds of outcomes related to analytical skills, statistical reasoning, and research design.

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For example, if you want to find out what literature there is on people over the age of 65 years with depression you could use the following: By exploring several different search terms, you can ensure that you have performed a full and wide search of your subject.

The key to thinking of a good research question is reading!

And learning about evolutionary psychology tends to lead people to develop hypotheses about human nature.

For this assignment, you are to write a brief paper that does the following: Importantly, this paper is to be no more than two pages – printed on two sides of a single page. This kind of assignment, forcing you to get your ideas reduced in a small space matches the kinds of assignments that professionals have all the time – this assignment will help prepare you for this kind of assignment in your future." As an end-of-the-semester activity, to demonstrate the process of writing a research proposal, we actually worked together today (5/3/2018) as a class to develop and to fully create a research proposal.

One of the core skills that I try to cultivate in my students is the ability to write a clear and concise research proposal.

Being able to write a solid research proposal demonstrates the following qualities: * An understanding of some theoretical concepts in the behavioral sciences * The ability to organize one's ideas in a coherent and efficient way * The ability to get to the foundation of a set of research ideas * The ability to write clearly and concisely in a scientific manner * The ability to describe a hypothesis, proposed methodology, and proposed set of statistical analyses * The ability to efficiently contextualize one's ideas in the existing scientific literature in some area * The ability to think about how statistics can be used to examine some research-based predictions * and probably more Toward this end, I tend to give the following assignment to students in my undergraduate class in evolutionary psychology: "Evolutionary psychology is a research-based enterprise.If your proposal is well-designed, it can help you significantly in writing your final thesis.[4] Although research proposals are generally similar in terms of structure, there are slight variations in the format of research proposals depending on the research subject. For specialised fields, it is recommended to consult the past research proposals of students who have pursued their Ph D in that subject.[5] You should ask the university where you are applying for sample research proposals. It is an outline of the entire research process and gives a summary of the information that will be discussed in the project.Research proposals are written either in active voice or future tense and have different points of emphasis.A proposal should present a strict research plan in order to distribute research time according to the importance of each task and the time that will be spent for each activity.[2] As a Ph D candidate, your research proposal should emulate proposals in professional practice.Your Ph D proposal should also be worthy of being submitted to funding agencies. It might also be useful for you to use Google Scholar to search for articles.It is often a good idea to think of all the alternative search terms you could use.By reading and understanding the research area, you will soon begin to identify gaps in the research.These gaps may be areas that have not had much work done on them.


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