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Your essay should say something different about you, instead of a “Hi, my name is Hilary Cairns. The admissions department already knows this information about you.Your piece should include something new about yourself.

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A college admission essay is your chance to tell a college about how you’re about more than just a set of grades and test scores.

In your essay, you can explain your seriousness about attending the institution by describing how you want to use your college degree. News article "10 Tips for Writing the College Application Essay." The sixth essay option for the University of Chicago, for instance, asks the following in its 2012 - 2013 application: "So where is Waldo, really?

Discuss aspects about the college’s specific academic department that attracts you and how you think that you can be an asset to the school. " When a college asks you such a question, it wants to see how creative, thoughtful or intelligent you are and learn more about your thought process.

Why are you interested in the college and particular major?

You also don’t want to come off as a robot, reading off the script, or write only in vague sentences.It’s time to put personality into your writing and make a lasting impression on the reader. You want to come off as authentic and give the college real insight into who you are.A college essay is absolutely a way to introduce yourself to the college, but it shouldn’t be taken so literally.Introductory essays tend to be a bit cliché for many college admissions departments.They read several of these, again and again, every year. Instead, your college essay should show exactly what makes you unique. What makes you different than the hundreds of others applying?For instance, instead of having the essay read like a master’s thesis, try to make it sound conversational.Before you even think of submitting your application, have a teacher or parent proofread it for mistakes.Universities aren’t afraid to ask seemingly strange essay questions or questions that ask you to explain your opinions, according to Jeremy S. As you write this type of essay, don’t shy away from inventiveness.At the same time, back up your creativity and opinions with facts.When you apply to a four-year college that makes a significant investment in its students, it may want to make sure that you plan to stay with it through graduation.A school that has such an interest may ask you to explain why you want to attend the school in the essay section of an application, or it may ask you about your educational and/or career goals.


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