Role Of The Family In Society Essay

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I am and I will be the person I am because of my mother.I am sure that the only thing I may miss if some day I loose my family could be my mother and now is the time when I realize and convince myself that she is the most important person for me .She is a professional also , At home the most important person is in most of the cases is the mother.

I am and I will be the person I am because of my mother.

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Personally , I can´t imagine my life without the image and the support of my mother.

I believe that a mother is the 80 % of the care you ever will need.

For example, a funeral is always a bad experience; however throughout the years we learn how to approach them.

A recent death in my family, made me realize, that today family values are less important to some people, then they were when generations older then my own were growing up and what inside the household has changed as far as a traditional family is concerned.

From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs.

Parents and family form a child's first relationships.

Children thrive when parents are able to actively promote their positive growth and development.

Every parent knows that it's sometimes difficult to do this important work without help, support, and additional resources.

I believe that everything a person experiences should be used in future tasks to help make good decisions.

Weather a person knows it or not, our minds often remember good, or especially bad, experiences and use them with regards to the rewards or consequences they produced.


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