Review Of Literature On Financial Statement Analysis

Review Of Literature On Financial Statement Analysis-42
Operating income is calculated by subtracting the depreciation and the other selling and administrative expenses.From the operating income, interest and/or amortization is paid which will result in earning before tax income of the entity.Finally, income tax is paid from earning before tax resulting in net profit.

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Helpful is the nowtine review of financial statements. Each will give important information about how efficiency and effective the business is operating.

Income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow are the basic and the most important financial statements which interprets the quantitative data’s of a company’s performance.

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Almost without thinking about it, these business owners can tell you any time during the month how close they are to butting budgeted figures.

Certainly, cash in bank plays a part, but its more than that.

a) Income Statement Income statement measures the company’s profitability over a period of time.

In the income statement, the net income is calculated by subtracting all the expenses from income.

Whereas foot notes have the qualitative explanation for the major transactions and the accounting policy adopted while formulating the financial statements.

The publicly traded companies publish their financial statements quarterly.


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