Research Paper On Langston Hughes

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It deals with the factors like our egos and prejudices that blind us to the absolute beauty of truth, life and their worth.

The story, without cynicism, mirrors the agony of the segregated and it is a contradiction that such segregation should be found rooted deeply in the culture of a nation that was ‘conceived in liberty and dedicated to.....talks about advice from his mother whenever he has been in hopeless state.

In addition, since the blacks have seen civilizations come and go, they will certainly emerge victorious at the end.

According to Jean Wagner, the Black’s long history endows them with a rare form of wisdom; wisdom better than that of the great civilizations in man’ (“Poetry Research Paper on Langston Hughes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words”, n.d.) Retrieved from, the substance of this prose will focus on Hughes’ poetic feats, which were known to be inspired by his own life experiences.

This aspect is similar to the first poem where the mother advices the son about how to move on in a life which will be marked with troubles.

They say mother’s knows best; Langston Hughes and Tupac Shakur knew exactly how to show their appreciation through their love of poetry. It comes from strength, compassion, experience and wisdom.Born in early 20th century to a family of mixed race, Hughes understood and experienced the racial differentiation at an early age.Hughes wrote nine anthologies of poems, several novels, short stories, plays, essays as well as an autobiography titled The Big Sea (1940).The poet bounces back to life from desperate grief, an action he does by resorting to his belief in his people and his sense of identity with them.He portrays his weak self as a child as well as that of his father. This is where he gets his source of life, from the “muddy bosom” (black mother).His writings are an expression of the hardship that his community endured.This study is an attempt at analyzing......The Works Of Langston Hughes Langston Hughes is an outstanding representative of Harlem Renaissance.Hughes promoted a nationalism characterized by not only racial consciousness but also one, which had a cultural inclination, free of self-hate, a characteristic of Blacks in Africa.He encouraged them to be proud of their cultural identity.Hughes has named them in chronological pattern, similar to that of the Black man’s history.Their waters have given the black man an immortal life. Hughes also captures Abraham Lincoln’s freeing of black slaves in the writer’s unprecedented turning of the muddy Mississippi into gold.


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