Quotes At The Beginning Of A Research Paper

Direct Quote: simply a “copy-and-paste” of the original words and/or word order.In all research papers with formatting guidelines (APA, AMA, MLA, etc.), quoted text must be accompanied by quotation marks and in-text citation.

Different style guides have different protocols for using quotation marks in reference lists.

Papers written for the liberal arts or humanities follow the style set by the Modern Language Association (MLA).

Paraphrasing: can include some key terms from the original work, but must use new language to represent the original work—DO NOT COPY THE ORIGINAL WORK.

When you paraphrase, you do not need to include quotations marks, but you must still cite the original work.

Step 5: Indicate where your paraphrasing starts and ends using in-text citation.

Use the following methods to make your paraphrases even stronger.Step 1: Read important parts of the source material until you fully understand its meaning.Step 2: Take some notes and list key terms of source material.Book titles are not surrounded by quotation marks, but periodicals (including newspapers) are. In American English, double quotation marks are used first and single quotations marks are used second for a citation within a citation. In British English, all punctuation is placed outside the quotation marks unless it is part of the quoted text.For scientific writing, CSE suggests that punctuations should follow the British English style as “internationally accepted” usage; however, always check your author guidelines.The correct use of quotation marks can be confusing for authors, especially those whose primary language is not English (ESL authors).Quotation marks are used to show that the text is taken word for word from another source, to call attention to an important word or phrase, or when using a technical term for the first time.The format for quotations changes depending on the length of the passage.If it is more than four lines, MLA protocol states formatting the passage as block text, which is never surrounded by quotations marks, APA protocol states to use block text if the passage exceeds 40 words.Changes to the correct forms can easily be made in your computer’s word-processing program.Regardless of which style guide you use or which side of the Atlantic you are on, there is an agreement about the specific rules for using quotation marks in your text.


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