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If you’ve read my book or my Free Guide to the Personal Statement, you’ll be familiar with this five-part structure: Status Quo, Inciting Incident, Raising the Stakes, Moment of Truth, New Status Quo. For the UC personal insight questions, I recommend a much simpler structure: I recommend devoting about ⅓ of the essay to each. Simple: the UCs offer just 350 words, which I don’t think allows enough room for all five of those (so save that structure for the Common App).In this it helps for the instructor to make brief notes about what the students came up with on a chalkboard or on an overhead transparency so that everyone can see. 33-53 in The Handbook of Political Sociology: States, Civil Societies, and Globalization, edited by T. Compliance, for example, can be monitored through police or military personnel, surveillance, etc., and compliance can be evaded by refusing to obey, by various means of protest, by evading police capture, etc.

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The art of dissenting should be taught in management education.

Where they say they are may not be where they actually are.

Promoting challenge and dissent must come with a safe environment, a very visibly safe one.

This is not a strict rule, of course, but here’s a quick word of caution: many students spend too much time discussing the Challenge (especially if writing about it for the first time) and not enough time describing What [They] Did About It and What [They] Learned.

Remember: You don’t show you’re a great college candidate because you went through some hard times…

Your intellect achievements being a given, what are you passionate about and why does it ignite that aliveness in you?

This essay prompt gives the admissions committee a chance to better discern ‘what makes you tick’ up and beyond your academic history and professional trajectory.

But domination and effects of rules are never total--people have agency and can resist. Once the law has been voted upon and symbolically "ratified," the Federal Government will be charged to find ways to support and enforce the law, and the citizens will be charged with finding ways to challenge and possibly overturn the law. You might think of many things in this goal, such as how to make the law appear legitimate, how to monitor compliance with the law, punishments to impose against those breaking the law, the potential uses of police and/or military, how to garner public support for the law, how to insulate your government from influence from average citizens, use of the courts to create legal precedent for the law, what resources you will need to ensure or carry out enforcement, etc.

In this activity the class will be challenged to find ways to both support and resist a law of the class's choosing. Both the federal government and the citizens must draw upon theories and concepts presented in our class readings and discussions to make build their cases or strategies. As a government, you may draw upon existing laws and practices to ensure compliance, or you may create additional new laws or new branches of the government, etc., to further your goal, even if they are quirky or whimsical (Please feel free to have some fun with this! For purposes of this activity, you are the people of the United States. You might think of many things to assist you in this goal, such as how to make the law appear illegitimate, how to evade compliance with the law, how to survive or evade punishments for non-compliance with the law, the potential uses of protests and social movements, what resources you will need to get the law changed, how you might go about getting the law changed, use of the courts, how the federal government depends on you for its existence and how you might draw upon this dependency to get the law overturned, how you might appeal to sympathetic and influential members of the government to further your cause, etc.


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