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It is possible because of the essential unity of human nature beyond all differences, and it means that "in each of us all elements and human qualities potentially exist" .Empathy can be consciously cultivated in all interpersonal relationships and deliberately evoked in psychotherapy.

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The paradox is that psychosynthesis, which focusses on the individual's uniqueness, has always been based on soft, subjective evidence: the story of individual and group sessions, and the outcome of various techniques and exercises.

Now, a posteriori, comes hard experimental confirmation of its principles.

For a long time few believed in the genuinely prosocial motivation of human beings and in the propensity for spontaneous empathy.

One of the minority was Carl Rogers, who chose empathy as a central theme for his work.

In this view evolution is a cruel war, in which the only survivors are those who prevail over others.

All manifestations of altruism, empathy and care for others are instrumental.

Studying neuroscience in this context is like learning psychosynthesis again from a different, more concrete perspective.

In this essay – by no means an exhaustive treatment of the subject, which would require much more space - I will highlight some basic themes that psychosynthesis and neuroscience have in common.

This new development is part of a vaster tendency: whereas psychotherapeutic practice and neurophysiological research were in the past largely strangers to one another, now we find communication and convergence between the two worlds.

As a consequence of this upheaval, we are witnessing changes and radical revisions that would have been unthinkable in earlier times, and which have radically altered and amplified the scientific image of human nature.


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