Problem Solving Theory Of Dreams

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The first one being, what is actually happening in our dreams.

And this is actually referred to as the Manifest Content.

Freud also believed that we are almost entirely driven by unconscious sexual desire. " he would say our dreams are a secret outlet for these repressed desires.

In therapy, he used dream analysis to interpret the underlying language of dreams, which is very different from normal conscious thinking. Every night when we sleep, we disconnect from our conscious thought processes.

So two, really contrasting ideas about the importance of dreams.

There are some other theories, these are just two of them, but two of the more important ones that you should be aware of.

He later acknowledged the increased activity of the limbic system (a primeval part of the brain which produces emotions) during REM sleep.

This served to give the meaning of dreams an emotional basis, rather than a random neurochemical one.

So, if you dream of monsters chasing you, the manifest content is very much, monsters chasing you.

The second part of Freud breaking down dreams is what is the hidden meaning behind a dream? So, according to Freud, dreams very much have a meaning on our lives.


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