Problem Solving Scenarios For Students

The ultimate goal is that the child will be able to solve social problems all on their own, but until they can independently solve a problem they will need to learn how to communicate and self-advocate to positively solve their problems.Students with autism and other social challenges need to learn to problem solve as well.

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After reading each scenario, ask the children to think of several responses that victims and bystanders could give and the likely consequences of each response. Conduct role plays in which the teacher plays the role of a child who bullies, and children practice using the responses they’ve identified as effective.

Make sure that children have a chance to play both victims and bystanders and that the responses include asking an adult for help.

In this activity, children are presented with scenarios describing various bullying problems (physical, verbal, and relational); their task is to discuss and practice the best response to each situation.

Young children are more likely to think of and use their problem-solving skills in bullying situations if they have an opportunity to practice them, with adult guidance.

Social problem-solving skills are critical to a child’s social interactions, personal and professional relationships.

A child’s ability to handle change, cope with stress, and handle challenges improves with a child’s ability to successfully solve social problems.Learning specific steps to problem-solving can allow children to remember how to solve a problem when they become overwhelmed or stressed.Although learning to solve a problem independently can take some time and practice it is well worth the investment to have a child who can eventually solve most social situations in a positive manner on their own.These social problem-solving skills will help them throughout their childhood and into their adulthood.Children can be taught how to problem solve through a guided process of breaking down the problem and using simple steps to solve the problem.Teach your students the simple process of how to solve a problem along with having them review how well their solution worked or didn’t work.Learning to problem solve is an essential skill that is used not only throughout childhood but also into adulthood.What we learnt about solving problems is don't freak out, if one thing doesn't work , try something else out. #melthammathsweek #MELTHAMPUPILVOICE @problemsolveit Vm1Im4Aue— yr6melthamce (@yr6melthamce) February 4, 2019 Use the 71 social problem-solving scenarios to have your students get great experience practicing how to solve a social problem. Then laminate them so you can use them over and over again.Therefore, create social problems that the student experiences and needs help solving.Social problem solving is the ability to change or adapt to undesirable situations that arise throughout our day.On a daily basis, a child will encounter social problems that they will need to solve.


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