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They have to go extra miles than men to prove themselves equivalent to men.People in the middle age were considering women as key to destruction so they never allowed women to go outside and participate in the social activities like men.

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They have to perform both family and professional responsibilities together without the help of their husbands.

In some cases, the condition of women become more embarrassed when they get tortured by their family members instead of getting help.

Sexual harassment is more common at homes as well as in the offices by the family members, relatives, neighbors, friends, boss, etc.

They have to suffer a lot in their daily life to nourish their career as well as saving their family relationships.

Some of the problems faced by the women are because of their domestic responsibilities, cultural and social specified roles, etc.

In the ancient Indian society women were adored and worshiped as goddesses.There are old and traditional faith of people coming out for years that men are for thy field whereas women are only for the home.Now-a-days, women are breaking all the barriers of social issues and problems against them in the society.We have provided here variety of Issues and Problems faced by Women in India essay and paragraphs on issues and problems faced by the women of India for the school students.All the essays and paragraphs are written using very simple and easy words especially for the school students.Earlier women were facing problems like child marriage, sati pratha, parda pratha, restriction to widow remarriage, widows exploitation, devadasi system, etc.However, almost all the old traditional problems have been disappeared gradually from the society but given rise to other new issues.Illiteracy, lack of proper education, responsible for household works, rape, sexual harassment at workplace, etc are some big issues for the women in India.However, a lot of positive changes has occurred in the women status as the number of educated people is increasing in the country.Women were only responsible to the traditional roles like child bearing and child rearing.In the modern world, where women status has been improved a little while, still they are facing problems.


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