Privacy For Celebrities Essay

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Now how do you think a jealous person will feel like when he realizes that this famous celeb he was unconsciously jealous of is actually too short?

This person will certainly feel good about himself after believing that he found something that he is better than this celebrity at.

The paparazzi and media are also affecting celebrities’ children.

Currently, laws are being put in effect to stop this.

The term paparazzi is defined as a freelance photographer, usually one who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication.

The term originated from the surname of the 1959 Federico film, La Dolce Vita.In previous years, the issue with the paparazzi and media has grown.With the advances in technology, it makes taking and posting photos of celebrities or public figures much easier.Ambition: Some people get fascinated by the lives of celebrities and so wish to be like them.When those people get to read about celebrity news they feel more eager to become one of them.Assuming that all people read celebrity news for the same reason is a big mistake as each person has a different kind of hunger.Here are few examples that can help you understand why do people like to read such news: Jealousy: Its hard not to feel jealous of celebs, after all they seem to have it all.The public never calls out the paparazzi for invading the celebrities’ privacy; they only call them out when harm or threats come to the celebrity (Nordhaus 286).When living their day-to-day lives in the public eye, many celebrities must deal with gossip columnists, the infatuation of stalkers, and the unrelenting paparazzi.In other words those people unconsciously motivate themselves by reading such news.Because they identify with them: Some people love certain celebrities because they identify themselves with them.


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