Power Crisis In Bangladesh Essay

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However, for the near future, renewable energy will remain annexed to the current energy genesis by non-renewable conventional means.Still, renewable energy will play an important role reaching consumers outside the national grid or in places where grid connection is delayed.At present, 404 MW is being generated from renewable energy sources.

However, for the near future, renewable energy will remain annexed to the current energy genesis by non-renewable conventional means.

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Also, as it is a subtropical country, 70% of the year sunlight is plentiful [6].

This makes the use of solar panels very effective in Bangladesh.

Concurrently, some Non-government Organization (NGO) is working to provide solar panels to consumers and the price of these panels, at present, is very affordable.

Wind power is the conversion of wind energy by wind turbines into a useful form, such as electrical or mechanical energy.

The power is directly proportional to the velocity of the wind.

The lengthy period wind flux, particularly in the islands and southern maritime facial of Bangladesh, announce that the average wind speed remains between 3 and 4.5 m/s in the months of March to September and 1.7 to 2.3 m/s for the residual period of the year [2].The government has set a target to generate 2000, MW of electrical power from renewable energy by 2021.Currently, the total electricity generation from such sources is 404 MW.According to the approved renewable energy policy, the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) is devoted to facilitating investment in both public and private sectors in renewable energy projects to substitute contemporaneous non-renewable energy resources and to escalate the contributions of renewable energy based electricity generation. Abu Bakr Siddique, The Prospect of Renewable Energy Resources in Bangladesh: A Study to Achieve the National Power Demand, Energy and Power, Vol. In Bangladesh there are many natural resources such as coal, gas and petroleum.A plan has been initiated by the GOB to generate 5% of the total energy from renewable energy resources within 2015 and 20% by the year 2020. The main source of energy in Bangladesh is natural gas (24%) which is likely to be depleted by the year 2020 [1].Also solar energy offers some key qualities like having no waste and emission, resulting no adverse effects on the environment and ideally suited for distributed resource applications [8].The government has recently taken many steps to address this fact.At present, total electricity generation capacity is 15,351 MW as of February 2017 (ES in Bangladesh) and this energy sector is increasing day by day. The government and non-government organizations are working both independently and jointly to promulgate renewable energy technologies (RET) throughout the nation as reported in the extant literature.To meet the cumulative demand of electricity coal, gas, diesel, etc. Therefore, prospective planning and comprehensive understanding of this dynamic field require continuous assessment.The new target of renewable energy would be 10% of the total electricity generation in 2021 and would increase to 20% percent by 2030.Initiatives have been taken to produce 30 MW power from renewable energy from Dhaka, 60 MW from Rangunia, 3 MW from Sharishabari, 55 MW from Gangachhara, 200 MW from Mymensingh, 20 MW from Cox’s Bazar and 200 MW from Sun Edition Solar project at Teknaf.


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