Post Thesis Depression

Post Thesis Depression-17
When I was interviewed on the R Podcast on Feb 3, I briefly mentioned my early career crisis for the first time to the public.In this post, I’m going to write about the details.

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I had dinner with a few Iowa State alumni in San Diego on Feb 3rd when we were attending the RStudio Conference.

This post is my attempt to review and analyze my mistakes, I hope I could do better in the future, and never go through the same type of crisis again.

I also wish this post could be useful to two types of readers: HRs/managers in companies who plan to hire fresh Ph Ds with the similar personality to me, and those fresh Ph Ds who plan to work in a company environment like me in late 2013.

Someone at the table recalled that I missed the use R!

2016 conference at Stanford due to visa issues, and my classmate Stephanie Zimmer said “You’ve always got issues, Yihui” followed by her trademark “Ha-ha-ha-ha” after she heard about the incident. When I first arrived in the US in 2009, my backpack was stolen in a restaurant in DC, and I lost a lot of things, including my money, passport, and the plaque of the John Chambers Software Award (I went to DC first because of this).


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