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Traces of synthetic compounds have now found their way into every oceanic corner.

Pollutants cause damage by interfering directly or indirectly with the biochemical processes of an organism.

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Some pollution-induced changes may be instantly lethal; other changes may weaken an organism over weeks or months, alter the dynamics of the population of which it is a part, or gradually unbalance the entire community. Oil seeps have been leaking large quantities of oil into the ocean for millions of years.

The amount of oil entering the ocean has increased greatly in recent years, however, because of our growing dependence on marine transportation for petroleum products, offshore drilling, near shore refining, and street runoff carrying waste oil from automobiles.Motor oil that has been used is more toxic than crude oil or new oil because it has developed carcinogenic and metallic components from the heat and pressure within internal combustion engines.Spills of crude oil are generally larger in volume and more frequent than spills of refined oil.As a result, some populations who live in areas prone to wildfires are more vulnerable to the effects of wildfire smoke. living within 300 feet of a major transportation facility or infrastructure, notably busy roads, there is concern about the potential health impacts from air pollutants emitted from cars, trucks and other vehicles.Wildfires can become a regional air pollution concern as well since smoke can travel many miles to other locations. Research has demonstrated that exposure to pollutants emitted from motor vehicles can cause lung and heart problems and premature death.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .No one is sure to what extent we have contaminated the ocean.By the time the first oceanographers began widespread testing, the Industrial Revolution was well underway and changes had already occurred.Some communities are more impacted than others, making air pollution an environmental justice concern.Children, older adults, people with preexisting cardiopulmonary disease, and people of low socioeconomic status are among those at higher risk for health impacts associated with living near: Smoke from wildfires is another close-by source of air pollution that is becoming more common as a result of the impacts of a changing climate.


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