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We both laugh at the truth of the Narrator’s remarks about Russians and their vodka-sodden themes and are still drawn in to the story she mocks.

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Willis and Shawn Campbell as factory owner both give fine, understated performances.

One can understand why Factory would have each play presented by people originally associated with it, but since each has the same cast requirements--one young male and female plus one older male--it would be theatrically more exciting to have the same three actors perform both plays.

This ties in with the beginning of the play, in where the character Jesus shot 17 students.

Another important prop used was the black telephone used by Vernon and Taylor.

What really sells the play is the extraordinary performance of Monteith as both cynic and innocent.

Beauty in song and dance adds to her accomplishment.In terms of attitude it has not brushed away the naïve notion that academics’ pursuits and behaviour are of the utmost importance.To the outsider the play is a neat little satire on the burden gender politics has placed on course subject matter and on student-teacher relations in university.His movements were quite awkward and he tended to shrug his shoulder and mover his arms around.This could suggest to the audience how Vernon is vulnerable and is just a young child.The colours used in the set of Vernon God Little were neutral colours showing the statues and class of the whole community, which contrasted the colours used when Vernon went to Mexico.The colours were bright and vivid fitting with the set making it as realistic as it could be.One thing you expect in a dramatic theatre performance is tension, even though there were moments of it, it felt a lot like they would build it up then there would be no tension in the moments that needed them most. In terms of story, it is about a female first-year student Pixie (Claire Jenkins) discussing the female-centred topic for her essay with her “History of War” TA Jeffrey (Jordan Pettle).By the time Auden came to live in the Brewhouse, a cottage in the grounds of Christ Church, in 1972 I had long since left Oxford and in any case would never have had the nerve to speak to him.I’d first heard his voice in Exeter College hall some time in 1955.


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