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’ From that I decided to change my project and focus the project on my mum.

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My mother was great believer of speaking her mind – it’s her stress reliever.

Originally, I was going to do my story about my father’s decline – that was the idea in my head.

But my father’s memories living here quickly deteriorated and reverted to his younger days in the West Indies.

My mother was the primary carer and provided an important role in maintaining those memories (they are both from St Vincent and the Grenadines).

Well I am not an introvert, but I am not an extrovert. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the background quietly observing the surroundings taking in the atmosphere, go with the flow, feelings and finding the right moment to take the image but not in some voyeuristic way. This means being attentive, observant and a good listener.

I don’t like the idea of hiding behind the camera to be ‘invisible’. What people have to say is important to forming the story visually.You worked with black and white in this series why?I guess it was because I started out in black and white photography and went with what I with that.However, on one visit while talking to my mum, she mentioned her frustrations with the health professionals who came to visit my father frequently.She said, ‘They never ask me how I am or how I am feeling, and I am the one who is here looking after him!How difficult was it to broach the subject perhaps with your father and with your mother to photograph his decline?When I visited my priority was always my parents’ welfare.After my GCSE’s I wanted to go to art college unfortunately my dad said ‘no’.He did not feel you could find a ‘proper job’ with art. Saying that having such variety in jobs over the decades have been of great value to me in some way.Vast amounts of photography books covering travel, portrait, photo-journalism, documentary and more. I have not seen many documentary photography of Dementia or Alzheimer’s within the Caribbean community.I get inspirations from them and I try to shape my own path. My parents are the Windrush Generation and they have lived in the UK for over 50 years.


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