Percentage Problem Solving Questions

Percentage Problem Solving Questions-12
The more money you put in your account, the more money you get in interest.It’s helpful to understand how these percents are calculated.

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In the example of 5The amount is the number that relates to the percent. Once you have an equation, you can solve it and find the unknown value.

To do this, think about the relationship between multiplication and division.

We begin by subtracting the smaller number (the old value) from the greater number (the new value) to find the amount of change.

$$240-150=90$$ Then we find out how many percent this change corresponds to when compared to the original number of students $$a=r\cdot b$$ $$90=r\cdot 150$$ $$\frac=r$$ $$0.6=r= 60\%$$ We begin by finding the ratio between the old value (the original value) and the new value $$percent\:of\:change=\frac=\frac=1.6$$ As you might remember 100% = 1.

$$\frac=\frac$$ $$\frac\cdot =\frac\cdot b$$ $$a=\frac\cdot b$$ x/100 is called the rate.

$$a=r\cdot b\Rightarrow Percent=Rate\cdot Base$$ Where the base is the original value and the percentage is the new value.A proportion is an equation that sets two ratios or fractions equal to each other.With percent problems, one of the ratios is the percent, written as Incorrect.Now we will apply the concept of percentage to solve various real-life examples on percentage.1.In an election, candidate A got 75% of the total valid votes.The percent of change tells us how much something has changed in comparison to the original number.There are two different methods that we can use to find the percent of change.Example 47% of the students in a class of 34 students has glasses or contacts.How many students in the class have either glasses or contacts?$$a=r\cdot b$$ $\%=0.47a$$ $$=0.47\cdot 34$$ $$a=15.98\approx 16$$ 16 of the students wear either glasses or contacts.We often get reports about how much something has increased or decreased as a percent of change.


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